Simple and Effective Home Remedies For Beautiful Breast

At the advent of adolescence every woman becomes aware of the most precious gift of nature—her bustline and while approaching youth that gradually changes into a beautiful pair of shapely bosoms. However with time most women lose that natural grace due to sagging, loosing of tautness, and several other problems. Every woman should start taking proper care of her beautiful breasts right after entering adolescence so that she could maintain an attractive bustline for years to come.

Before you learn about the proper care of bosoms it is important to know about the anatomy of this organ:

Breast Anatomy

It is a pair of soft organs covered with smooth skin. Each of them has got one nipple at its end and the nipple is surrounded by areola. Female bosom is located within the area of the second to the sixth rib of the thorax. It is constituted with numerous lobules which remain connected with nipple through ducts. Milk is produced inside the lobules during lactation and becomes channellized through ducts towards nipples. This organ is firmly held by Cooper’s ligaments and fat tissues also known as adipose tissues.

What Affects the Shape and Size?

Following factors are largely responsible for determining the size and shape of female bosom:

Heredity: Genetics plays an important role in determining the size of bosoms of an adolescent girl who is usually predisposed with the characteristics of her mother or maternal relatives.

Age: Bosoms undergo continuous changes throughout the lifetime. After puberty up to 20 years they become full and firm and as a woman grows older Cooper’s ligaments gradually lose their tenacity which results in sagging of the bustline.

Menstruation: During menstruation women sometimes experience change in size and shape of bustline which is often accompanied by a change in shapes of nipples and areolas.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy women undergo a range of changes in bustline most of which are permanent in nature. Especially during lactation bosoms become fuller with an increase in the cup size.

Diet: Some food items such as soy, ginseng, dandelion root, saw palmetto, and fennel seeds contain natural agents which are known to augment bust line. Women who consume these food items in an excess amount on a daily basis have an uplifted and enlarged bust line.

Weight loss and gain: Changes in body weight could affect the size of female bosoms. Excess weight gain or obesity would result in a huge bustline, whereas drastic weight loss would affect the size in an opposite fashion.

Diseases: Some of the diseases like breast cancer could bring drastic changes in your bustline. Besides, prolonged illness, and irregular menses could result in saggy and shapeless bosoms.

Physical exercises: Strenuous physical exercises, jogging, and other workouts without wearing any bra for a long time could also result in breast sagging and shapelessness.

Take Hygienic Care

Proper care is utmost necessary for keeping your breasts healthy. Wash your bosoms regularly with cold water. Otherwise an alternate shower in which warm water is alternated with cold water would be extremely useful for making your mammary tissues straight which would give your bosoms a fuller and firmer look.

Massage Techniques and Beautiful Breast Exercises

A pair of beautiful breasts means a lot of care and it also requires maintaining a number of massaging techniques which should be performed within the privacy of home. It is comprised of four steps:

  • Starting from the nipple slowly push downward towards the abdomen with a gentle pressure.
  • Hold and lift your bosom with your both hands and pull it away towards the nipple. Stretch the nipples up to its maximum and release it. Repeat this procedure for a couple of times.
  • Hold your bosom as before and perform a twisting movement clockwise as far as it goes and then twist it anticlockwise in the same way. Repeat this procedure for a couple of times.
  • As a last step place your hands on a bosom and move downwards on both sides of the bosom applying pressure and without touching the nipple.

Performing a few yogas like Bhujangasana and Pawanamukutasana on a daily basis would result in a firm and taut bustline.

Choose Proper Bra

Size of bra plays an important role in shaping up your curves. If you prefer to wear low cut dresses then the bra should have a large break in between cups. Otherwise women should wear bras which connect both cups as much as possible which are extremely helpful in developing beautiful breasts.

Herbal Therapy

Pueraria Mirifica: This wonderful herb has amazing effects in enhancing breast size. This Thai herb contains an array of isoflavones which are “bioidentical” to natural estrogens and known as phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen binds to the estrogen receptors promoting faster growth of mammary tissues resulting in a fuller and firmer bust line. It also augments the moisture content of the skin and strengthens collagen and elastin, thus reinforcing the elasticity and proper nourishment of the bosoms.

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