Shilajit – Anti Aging Supplement

Shilajit is a kind of blackish-brown semi-solid resinous substance which oozes out from the steep rocks in the towering cliffs of the mountain ranges of Himalaya and Hindukush in Indian subcontinent. This amazing ayurvedic bequest has miraculous power to promote life-long physical strength and strong libido in men.

Why Shilajit?

Shilajit—the name stands for “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”—a strong rejuvenating natural power which enables our body to endure the depredations of age and disease like a rock. Shilajit is the reminiscent of rich and valuable age-old flora entrapped under the rock centuries ago which has concentrated the bestowed natural medicinal qualities in itself from millennia. This herb is easily available in the form of vegetable capsules which have been prepared from the pure extract of natural shilajit collected from the hard-to-reach altitudes of Himalayan range.

This natural panacea could help you with a range of health benefits:

  • Shilajit is a potent aphrodisiac. Also known as Indian Viagra, this natural medication works to rejuvenate your internal energy for sexual enhancement and spiritual power.
  • This great anti-oxidant would protect you from the physiochemical changes due to aging, bestowing you with a fountain of youthfulness.
  • Shilajit helps to prevent diabetes through proper regulation of blood sugar level.
  • This ayurvedic medicine could also protect you from a number of allergy symptoms which are mainly sneezing, runny nose, inflamed, and watery eyes.
  • Shilajit could give you the much desired relief from asthmatic conditions.
  • Shilajit is an excellent booster for our liver and pancreatic functions which helps to improve the overall digestive system.

Shilajit Dietary Supplements (60 Vegetable Capsules) – Anti Aging Supplement

Shilajit 2 Bottles $40.00 $39.00 Standard
Shilajit 3 Bottles $60.00 $54.00 Standard
Shilajit 5 Bottles $100.00 $80.00 Express
Shilajit 10 Bottles $200.00 $140.00 Express

Serving size: 1 Vegicap
Servings per container: 60
Each 250 mg capsule contains pure processed Shilajit

Dosage: 1-2 Capsule two times a day or as directed by your health practitioner.

Let us look into a few unmatched benefits of shilajit which could undoubtedly help you to get over some of the major health disorders.

Increase Libido

Shilajit could be the best possible medication for your diminished sexual urge. As per the ayurvedic physicians the combination of four elemental factors—body, mind, soul, and sense organs—is regarded as our health and a sound health could be achieved only if we could lift up these four essential factors to their optimum conditions. Lack of vigor in any of these factors could lead to an imbalance of total health system causing the deterioration of the performance of anyone in all fronts.

Lack of libido in men reflects the weakness of sense organs, low stamina and confidence, as well as low internal energy and lack of interest in sexual activities. This complicated disorder is believed to be connected with an array of problems like anxiety neurosis, mental stress situation, physical stress at the workplace, mental and physical tiredness, improper digestion due to various causes, poor circulation of blood due to improper functioning of heart, and liver related disorders.

Shilajit being a wonderful medication addresses all of these core reasons to rectify the overall health of body and mind which is essential to revive your libido to the normal condition. A proven adaptogen, shilajit aids the rejuvenation of our mind and helps it to get acclimatized to new stressful situations with much ease. This aphrodisiac helps in maintaining the proper function of sex hormones and increases the new cell counts in male sex hormones which enhance the fertility of the patient tremendously. The inherent power of shilajit helps in rejuvenating the reproductive system through minimizing the debility and stress of sexual organs and other internal organs. If you are perfectly healthy at your body and mind you are bound to have a great libido.

An Efficient Anti Aging Supplement and Antiasthmatic Agent

Shilajit is a strong anti-oxidant which helps to salvage the malicious free radicals generated through the normal metabolism of oxygen and various other physiochemical activities in our body. These free radicals are known to damage the newly formed cells rendering aging effect and degenerative diseases. Shilajit protects our body by defending the cells from getting damaged and old.

Shilajit is an excellent medication for asthmatic conditions. It is obvious that if you have got asthma it would be quite difficult for you to perform any sort of high aerobic activities like coitus. The profound bronchodilatory effects of shilajit help to mitigate asthmatic conditions. Other than that its strong anti-histamine property helps to reduce allergic symptoms improving asthma to a large extent and aiding the patients to perform in a better way in all physical and sexual activities.

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