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Even though untold and less discussed, there are numerous instances across the world where men suffer from low libido, lack of interest in physical lationship, or loss of energy and other associated problems. Before searching for a solution for male sexual enhancement, it is always better to develop a basic knowledge of the factors that hamper men’s normal sexual health.

Factors Associated With Male Libidinal Dysfunction

  • Hormones: Level of secretion of Androgen hormones determines the sexual development in men. Among these hormones testosterone is the most eminent component of male libido. With aging the secretion level of this hormone decreases by 1% each year in men, thereby contributing to gradual diminution of libido.
  • Psychological factors: Depression, stress, anxiety, troubles in conjugal life, and other mental pressure might contribute a lot to lack of bodily urge. This might even result in prominent erectile dysfunction.

Strong feelings of guilt associated with copulation taught by wrong parental guidance or social decorum might lead to serious troubles like inability to perform in real conjugal life.

  • Performance anxiety: Although performance anxiety cannot be defined as a psychological disease; however, a strong dissatisfaction in performance in copulation or anxiety associated with erectile failure can create irrational fear in the affected person’s mind which might result in erectile dysfunction and lack of libido in men.
  • Neural problems: Sometimes certain diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke cause neural damage which in turn affects brain’s normal function responsible for male libido. Similar impact might be generated by surgery in prostrate gland or cancer in the same region.
  • Drugs: Certain drugs like antihypertensives, SSRIs, sedatives, sleeping pills, and beta-blockers damage normal sexual enhancement. Smoking, excessive alcoholism, and illegal drug abuse are also contributing factors for creating similar health condition.
  • Vascular disorders: Some diseases like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high cholesterol, hypertension, or diabetes cause disturbance in the flow of blood in the penile region. Similar situation might also arise due to excessive smoking. This condition might lead to erectile dysfunction or even genital swelling.

What Could be Done for Sexual Enhancement

Hormonal therapy: Hormonal imbalance is often found to be the main reason behind male libidinal problems. The key to enhance male libido is to augment testosterone level which usually get depleted with age. It is quite possible to enhance testosterone level through natural way. One needs to maintain a well-balanced diet comprising of ample protein and necessary fat and carbohydrate content which boosts testosterone level. Aerobic exercise for 45 to 60 minutes on a regular basis is quite effective in promoting testosterone production.

Diet for sexual enhancement: Diet plays an important role in enhancing internal energy and masculinity which contribute to the major part of male libidinal augmentation. An ideal diet should be enriched with protein, moderate fat and limited amount of carbohydrates. As all of the hormones are synthesized from cholesterol it is quite important that one needs to take sufficient food items which contain essential fatty acids. Oil-rich fish (sardine, tuna, mackerel, halibut, etc.), nutsoilseeds (sunflower oil and other vegetable oils), etc. are good source of healthy fat. Carbohydrates enriched with sugar ingredients such as potatoes should be avoided as they increase the cortisol which invites negative affect on testosterone production.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol: It is advisable to stop smoking and limit the consumption of alcohol. Smoking bears the risk of causing fibrosis in the penile erectile tissue resulting in collagen or scar tissues. As an outcome one suffers from a short male organ which indirectly affects one’s conjugal life reducing normal desire.

Avoid stress: Try to stay calm and apply your logic whenever you feel mentally disturbed or upset. There might be hundred reasons around us which might stimulate our psychological breakdown. If you are going through stress or depressive phases in your life and feeling unable to stop or control them then never hesitate to discuss with a qualified psychotherapist who would be the right person to guide you to overcome such stressful conditions.

Regular exercise: Make a regular habit of exercise on a daily basis to stay away from obesity which might lower normal libidinal drive. Yoga, prayanam, and physical activities would be quite helpful in reducing stress level. Regular workouts would enhance the blood circulation at the lower pelvic and genital area which augments testosterone level and male libido effectively. However, you should avoid doing workouts for more than 60 minutes per day. Excessive workouts would enhance the cortisol level which diminishes testosterone and its production, thereby inhibiting the male sexual enhancement.

Role of female partner: The female partner also has an important role to play. She should be positive in her attitude. Talk to your male partner openly about his problems and try to find out the actual reason. While discussing be sympathetic and encourage him to seek the medical help.

Herbal Therapy: A number of ancient Ayurvedic herbs are used to enhance male libido. These mainly include AshwagandhaShilajitButea Superba, Safed muslietc. These are excellent rejuvenator of male sexual health and widely used to enhance male libido.

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