Penis Enlargement, How to Increase Penis Size

It is a common belief among general people that size of the male sex organ is extremely important in order to satisfy one’s female partner. The concern about the length often creates mental pressure hampering male performance which turns out to be a dissatisfactory love making session.

Even though many of the male society remain dissatisfied with their average length of 5.5 to 6.5 inches and long for a penis enlargement up to 8 inches, most agree with the fact that it is much more important to have quality sex rather than having a large size. And for that you need to be energetic and efficient enough to satisfy your female partner.

There are a number of exercises which are extremely helpful in enhancing the size as well as the endurance of male organ.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

The aim of any of these exercises is to raise the amount of inflowing blood into the penile area as well as to promote better circulation within the spongy tissue of male genital. During excitation male organ fills up with sudden gush of blood causing full erection. If these spongy tissues could lodge a larger volume of blood than it could hold normally it would result in a huge male organ irrespective of aroused or flaccid.

Jelqing (Milking): This is simple but extremely effective method to enhance the length of the male organ. This exercise is mainly based on a milking motion along the shaft while it is partially erected.

The motion is quite similar to the procedure of milking a cow. Use your forefinger and thumb to grab the base of the male organ with moderate grip. This would help to maintain partial erection while trapping sufficient blood in the chambers of erectile tissues. Slide your hand along the length of the organ and maintain a moderate pressure so as to force as much blood as possible into the spongy muscular tissue area. When one hand reaches the tip use your other hand to repeat the procedure. Complete each stroke within 1 to 2 seconds. While performing this exercise you need to lubricate the genital in order to impart the ideal smooth condition for the exercise.

It is highly recommended that while performing this exercise use Orgy Massage Oil as the lubricant so that you could perform milking motion smoothly without any resistance.

Enlargement Exercise: You should perform this exercise when your male organ is in normal flaccid condition. Grip your male organ firmly with your five fingers and stretch it forward up to the maximum comfortable limit. Hold it like this for around 15 seconds before leaving it to relax. Repeat the whole procedure for 10 to 15 times to achieve the best result within a short period.

Ballooning: This extremely effective exercise is not only useful in enhancing the length of the male organ but also helps in prolonging ejaculation. But before you go for this exercise you need to solve any premature ejaculation or early ejaculation problem. In this regard Kohinoor Gold would be a perfect medication which would help you in increasing your natural endurance.

When you feel that you have overcome the premature ejaculation problem successfully then you are ready for the first step of ballooning technique. By using Orgy Massage Oil start massaging your erected penis along the length of it. Also gently massage base, pubis, groins, and scrotum in order to augment blood circulation in that area. While performing ballooning technique you need to hold back ejaculation so as to enhance the testosterone metabolism which in turn promotes the growth of the corpora cavernosa or the muscular tissues of male organ. Repeat this process of holding back while ballooning for 3 to 5 times and release afterwards. By following this procedure regularly you could easily elongate your organ by 1 to 3 inches.

Weight Hanging: You need to use variety of weights in order to achieve the desired length. Depending on your body’s flexibility in adapting the tensile influence you need to apply different weights as suspension. Due to regular use of this process the tissues of the male organ segregate and multiply generating more muscular mass.

How to Increase Penis Size

Penis Enlargement

Lubricating oil is extremely useful for initial warm up of the penis enlargement process. It is strongly recommended to use Orgy Massage Oil for this purpose. This herbal oil is formulated with the extract of a few esteemed herbs which are widely used for stimulating male reproductive organ to accomplish desired pleasure. It is extremely beneficial as the natural ingredients immediately get absorbed and augment the blood circulation in the spongy tissue and also help in holding back premature ejaculation for a longer time. It is completely natural and free of any side effects.

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