Orgy Penis Massage Oil – Increase Penis Size

Orgy Penis Massage Oil is a unique and powerful invigorating herbal blend specifically formulated to benefit male penile and sexual health. It is believed that the size of the male sex organ is quite important in order to satisfy his partner during sexual act. And the concern about the size of penis and some other sexual disorders like, erectile dysfunction, often hamper the male performance resulting in a dissatisfactory love making session. This amazing herbal massage oil helps in enhancing the size of the male sex organ which boosts up the confidence level in men significantly, thereby improving the overall performance beyond one’s expectation.

Inimitable Advantages – Natural Penis Enlargement

Orgy Penis massage Oil is prepared with a number of esteemed herbs which are renowned for their effectiveness in stimulating body, mind, and male reproductive organs in order to accomplish ultimate sexual pleasure.

A regular use of this oil would be beneficial in a number of ways:

  • It promotes the much needed physical strength and sex drive required to satisfy your partner to the fullest.
  • It’s naturally derived therapeutic components get absorbed quickly right after it is applied over the male genital surface.
  • It helps in augmenting blood circulation and blood flow in the spongy tissue of the male sex organ which renders it into a rock solid thick shaft.
  • Massage oil is extremely helpful in obtaining the perfect amount of blood in male genitals and also stimulates the reproductive organ to hold it for longer period. This in turn solves the problem of early ejaculation or premature ejaculation achieving a longer-lasting erection.
  • This wonderful herbal oil is formulated only with natural ingredients and undoubtedly a 100% safe method for achieving improved sexual health and strong erection.

Orgy Oil :: 7 ml Packaging

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Orgy Massage Oil : Recommended Exercises: Increase Penis Size

A number of penis enlargement exercises are recommended to perform in order to raise the inflowing blood amount as well as to improve the blood circulation within the spongy tissue in the male genital organ. When the male partner gets aroused his penile area fills up with sudden flow of blood causing full erection. It is believed that if the spongy erectile tissue of male sex organ is made to lodge a larger volume of blood than it could normally hold then it will result in an exceedingly large male sex organ irrespective of aroused or normal condition.

Herbal Massage Oil: A Few Recommended Workouts

Orgy Penis massage Oil works as a lubricant in these exercises. As soon as this herbal oil is applied the therapeutic components of the botanical extracts get absorbed straight into the tissue of male genital leaving an ideally smooth condition for exercises. The following workouts are strongly recommended for an effective result:

Jelqing (Milking)This is a quite simple but extremely effective exercise which is mainly applying a milking motion along the shaft of partially erected male sex organ. This milking motion is similar to the process of milking a cow. You need to use your thumb and forefinger to enclose the base of penis with moderate grip so that you could sustain the partial erection while trapping sufficient blood in the erectile tissue. With a moderate pressure slide your hand along the length of the shaft while forcing as much blood as possible into the penile muscular tissue area. As one hand reaches the end of the shaft the other hand repeats the procedure. Each stroke should take around 1 to 2 seconds. While performing jelqing it is highly recommended that you use orgy oil as a lubricant so that the gripping hand slides smoothly without any resistance

Enlargement Exercise: This exercise is performed when male sex organ is in flaccid condition. As per the usual technique you need to grip around the penile head firmly and gently pull it forward. However, you should be careful that the head should not be pulled to the point of pain. It should be stretched up to the maximum comfortable limit for approximately 15 seconds and then should be left to relax. This process could be repeated for 10 to 15 times to achieve the best result.

Ballooning: This exercise is extremely useful in prolonging ejaculation. As a first step of this workout you must find out how to hold back ejaculation for a longer period. If you are unable to do it due to premature ejaculation then Kohinoor Gold would be the right option in order to achieve perfect endurance.

As soon as you are ready for the first step of ballooning technique, first erect your penis. Then start massaging along the length of the shaft preferably using Orgy Massage Oil, and also rub base, pubis, groins, and scrotum to enhance the blood flow. While doing this exercise hold back ejaculation which speeds up the metabolism of testosterone, thereby promoting the growth of muscular tissue (corpora cavernosa) in the sex organ. You should hold back ejaculation 3 to 5 times before releasing finally. A consistent use of ballooning could increase the length up to 1 to 3 inches.

Weight Hanging: In this exercise different weights are used by following the principle of tensile force and depending on the body’s flexibility in adapting such influence. Through continuous use of suspension and tension the cells within the penile area, subjected under such force, segregate and multiply, causing more muscular mass, that is, lager male sex organ.


Orgy penis massage oil is formulated with the pure extracts of the following herbs:

  • Kesar
  • Heeng
  • Jundebedastur
  • Weer bahuti
  • Akarkara
  • Kali mirch
  • Kasturi
  • Lata kasturi
  • Chameli ka taila
  • Karpaas beej taila
  • Sarson ka taila

Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris) – Increase Libido

Tribulus terrestris, also well-known in the name of gokshura, is an amazing herb which is regarded as the best known ayurvedic medicine for the rejuvenation of genitourinary tract health. It is a well-known medication for restoring kidney functions and proper regulation of urinary composition.

Medicinal Advantages of Gokshura – Increase Libido

Tribulus terrestris is a famous prostate herb which is extremely useful in reducing numerous urinary disorders and prostate discomforts. The valuable therapeutic aspects of this herb are preserved in the form of vegetable capsules which are formulated with the top quality gokshura extract.

Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) Dietary Supplement: 60 Vegetable Capsules

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Serving size: 2 Vegi caps
Servings per container: 30
Each 500 mg capsule contains: Gokshura

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules two times a day after meal or or as directed by your health practitioner.

A regular use of this medicine would certainly help you to deal with a number of health disorders. A few benefits of this herbal medicine are as follows:

  • Tribulus terrestris is a powerful aphrodisiac which is especially effective in improving libido.
  • It efficiently improves sexual activities in male and female body.
  • It is a great reliever of diseases like kidney stone, bladder infection, and other urinary tract disorders. It is also useful in uplifting urinary tract health.
  • Tribulus terrestris is often used to alleviate sexual disorders like impotency and infertility. It is also useful in improving the quality of semen.
  • This herbal remedy is quite useful for degenerative diseases like diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus.
  • It is also found to be quite effective in getting relief from severe headache and migraines.
  • Gokshura enhances the testosterone level in male body and it helps in building a healthy muscular body. It also has curative effect over conditions like gout.

Let us look into some specific therapeutic benefits of tribulus terrestris more closely:

Best Cure for Your Sexual Disorder

If you are facing trouble in your sex life due to low libido then this miraculous medicine undoubtedly would be your right choice. Tribulus terrestris is a strong natural aphrodisiac which helps to boost low sex-drive and infertility problems.

Study disclosed that gokshura extract uplifts the low testosterone level to its normal state, thereby restoring normal sex life. This herb promotes the elevation of testosterone hormone by enhancing the level of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) which in turn induces the secretion of lutenizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). LH and FSH send the signal to our body to produce testosterone.

The main advantage of using this herbal product lies in its working process. Tribulus terrestris does not directly discharge any hormone; it simply stimulates our natural hormone production to maintain the normal level of testosterone helping you to achieve a normal sex life. Benefits of increment in the testosterone level are not restricted in enhancing libido only; it is also useful in thwarting the ravages of aging. Tribulus terrestris would not let your age affect your appearance which would also solve a number of physiological problems associated with aging, such as muscular degeneration in your body, enhanced body fat content, wrinkles, etc.

A Suitable Remedy for Urinary Disorder and Heart Disease

This herbal medication is extremely effective in assuaging numerous urinary diseases such as, urolithiasis which is caused due to the agglomeration of calculi in the urinary tract causing obstruction in the passage of urine. This herb effectively removes the urinary stones from the urinary tract thereby allowing the free flow of urine. Besides promoting the flow of urine, this medicine would calm and soothe the inner cell membrane of the urinary tract.

Tribulus terrestris works to stop bleeding in the urinary tract. If you have renal disorders like cystitis, kidney stone, incontinence then this medicine would be quite beneficial for your problem. It is also useful for diseases like gout and impotence.

It is also regarded as a superb medication for prostate gland disorders. It mitigates many urinary problems caused due to prostate disorders. It mainly works by cleansing and rejuvenating the organs present within our lower abdomen such as, urinary bladder, prostate, etc.

Tribulus terrestris is useful for heart problems like angina. It lowers the risk of heart attack by reducing the cholesterol level in the blood stream. It could be quite effective in reducing your blood pressure level, hypertension, and blood sugar. This herb is also found to have antibiotic and antitumor properties, and has shown anticarcinogenic activity against liver cancer. Tribulus terrestris is a wonder herb which revitalizes your essential organs to improve the natural immunity

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