Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a crystalline white substance which is commonly classified as lipid and is an essential component of our cell membranes, tissue, and the main precursor of a number of important steroidal hormones. The chemical formula of cholesterol is C 27H 45OH. High level of cholesterol often creates blockage in the bloodstream and influences a number health conditions.

Cause of High Cholesterol

The following factors are known to conduce the high cholesterol level in our body:

  • Regular intake of food items prepared from animal origin which usually contain high saturated fat and high cholesterol.
  • Processed food stuffs like palm oil, cocoa butter, coconut oils, stick margarine, and other hardened vegetable oils increase cholesterol level.
  • Hard margarines, cookies, chips, and snack crackers usually contain trans fatty acids or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils which also contribute the augmentation of cholesterol level.
  • Unwarranted weight gain might trigger the enhancement of the triglyceride level which decreases good cholesterol level.
  • Absence of enough physical activities also enhances LDL level and reduces HDL level.
  • A number of health disorders including diabetes, hypothyroidism, and high blood pressure might trigger the elevation of cholesterol level.
  • Heredity plays an important role in increasing cholesterol level. If a profile of high cholesterol level runs in a family then this genetic condition predisposes next generations to this health disorder.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol

  • As there is no specific indication of high cholesterol level, one has to follow routine health check up in order to known his/her current lipid profile.
  • Certain diseases like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and heart diseases could be the indications for having high cholesterol.
  • Some symptoms like chest pain, numbness in the body, or shortness of breath could be alarming. Exhaustion on little physical work, easily getting tired while trying to climb stairs, incapable to jog or run, etc. could be other indications.

Types of Cholesterol

There are mainly three types of cholesterol:

HDL cholesterol: HDL or high density lipoprotein signifies “good cholesterol.” Liver synthesizes this in order to transmit lipids from the cells of organs to liver for refining and recycling which ensures lowering of cholesterol level and healthy heart.

LDL cholesterol: LDL means low density lipoprotein which symbolizes “bad cholesterol.” This is also produced by liver and is used to pass on fats and cholesterol from the liver to body organs augmenting cholesterol level in tissue.

Triglycerides: Fat content in our blood which our body cannot consume. When one takes more calories than he/she uses, it breaks down into triglycerides which get accumulated in our fat cells for future use in energy production.


  • Sufficient physical activity and light exercises on a regular basis.
  • Avoid idle life style and unhealthy diet
  • Try not to go to bed immediately after the meal
  • Avoid irregular interval between two meals
  • People having high cholesterol level should strictly follow hemogram and perfect diet


A perfect diet is extremely essential in order to prevent any future adverse effect due to high cholesterol level:

  • Most importantly high-cholesterol patients should always take less-fat content food in order to reduce total fat consumption. Food stuffs containing cholesterol include egg yolk, poultry, meat, dairy products, shellfish and fish.
  • Food items like cheap vegetable oils contain trans fatty acids or hydrogenated fat and should be avoided as these are responsible for causing atherosclerosis.
  • Saturated dietary fats raise the cholesterol level significantly. Cheese, butter, ice creams, whole milk and cream of all origins, animal flesh, fish, shellfish, and poultry contain saturated fats and should be avoided.
  • Vegetable fats, such as cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, etc. are widely used in baked goods like crackers and cookies, whipped toppings, cake mixes, frozen dinners, coffee creamers, candy bars, buttered popcorn, chips, etc. These contain saturated fats and must be taken in a controlled way.
  • Ideal diet should contain polyunsaturated fats. These are mainly available in corn, soybean, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower and sesame oils, and most salad dressings. Take pasta, rice, cereals, breads, dried peas, beans, nuts, green vegetables and fruits which are good sources of complex carbohydrates, i.e., fiber and starch. Also jowar or bajra could be helpful in getting rid of high cholesterol

Herbal Treatment to Lower Cholesterol

Reducing Cholesterol Naturally 

Guggul: This amazing herb is quite useful in lowering LDL and improving HDL. It is a good medication for atherosclerosis, psoriasis and cardiac ischemia. Check out more detail on amazon.

Garlic: It is an eminent herb which is widely used to control cholesterol level in our blood. It significantly thwarts the formation of blood clots and cleans out plaques from arteries. Check out more info on amazon.

Arjuna: It strengthens our heart muscles against the ill effects of HDL or bad cholesterol, preventing possible heart attack. Being a coronary vasodilator it helps in improving circulation. Check more about Arjuna on amazon.

Shilajit: It is known to reduce serum cholesterol, phospholipids, and triglyceride level. You can buy shilajit from amazon.

Ujvala: This herb is quite useful as a thinner of blood. It improves the circulation and flow of blood which helps in avoiding the agglomeration of plaques in arteries.

Pippali: It is useful in removing accumulated lipid inside blood vessels.

Unique herbal capsules GarlicGuggulArjuna, and Shilajit are formulated with purest form of herbal extracts which are extremely effective in reducing cholesterol and healing up associated health disorders without inflicting any side effects.

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