Feel the Ayurvedic diet in India

It’s still a very interesting thing to return to America for a month, and to organize and arrange the trip to India. Because I feel too much, let me divide the topic. 

In the period of returning to America , I felt as if I was impressed by Ayurvedic medicine. The traditional Indian medicine with more than 5,000 years of history has striking similarities with american medicine, emphasizing the unity of nature and human beings and focusing on health.

The Ayurvedic concept of eating includes: 

  • Whole grains and high fiber carbohydrates are the most important nutrients.
  • Strictly prohibit high cholesterol foods.
  • No beef or pork.
  • One day is controlled between 1250-1550 cards.
  • cooking methods emphasize steaming, roasting, cooking.
  • reduce cooking time to leave the most nutrients
  • fresh is absolutely necessary

Among the Indians we have contacted, quite a few are advocates of the Ayurvedic diet. Many people are absolute vegetarians. Their lives are very regular, they love sports, they focus on health, and of course their financial ability and The cultural level is not bad. Others are keen on traditional Indian sweets and fried foods, which consume too much heat and oil to satisfy the taste buds, and also create a super heavyweight body~~~~~ 

As for me, I basically agree with this concept of diet, but I am not a believer, so there is no way to do it on the third point, and I plan to keep my NON-VEG going.

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