Common Natural herbs that use for hair dyeing

During this time, the problem of hair dyeing and hair growth has been studied.

Chemical dyes containing PPD (p-phenylenediamine), ammonia, etc. are harmful to the human body, light can cause allergies, molting; heavy causes severe edema, even shock ~~

Natural herbal hair dyeing can solve this series of problems very well.

Common herbs are as follows:

Henna, Henna, or Menhadi.

The scientific name is Lawsonia inermis, also known as balsam, henna, and henna. Its main component is 2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone.

Henna has a natural medicinal function and is a natural treatment for hair loss and repairing unhealthy hair. Because it does not contain lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals that endanger people’s health, it is highly resistant to allergies. 

In addition, pure natural plant powder is rich in a variety of nutrients, and sexual hot, not only for hair dyeing, nailing, but also because of the unique medicinal function, after hair dye can prevent and cure headache caused by cold, prevent hair loss, head Chips and gray hair and white hair that appear prematurely can be avoided by white hair. Henna powder is green powder. There is no unpleasant pungent odor in the hair dyeing process.

Only the faint tender leaves are fragrant, the coloring power is strong, the color is not faded, and the skin is not sticky. It completely overcomes the chemical hair dyes commonly used in the market. Hair dry, dull, skin allergies, etc., long-term use can maintain hair, and can remove the troubles of dandruff. The natural herbal extract can completely tighten the scales on the hair surface, which is good for the hair to be completely absorbed, so as to nourish the hair, eliminate the dry and split hair, and make the hair shiny, soft and natural.

Send a black hair that I dyed with pure Henna~~ Smug it~~

Second, Indian gooseberry, amla, also known as india gooseberry 

Known as “Indian Fruit”, it is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively protect hair and prevent hair loss, as well as the effect of black hair. Botanically called “Emblic Myrobalan”, Amra Strawberry, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is rich in natural vitamin C, 20 times more orange, it is rich in bioflavonoids, and it is a multi-element antioxidant. Promotes the formation of collagen, constitutes the interstitial components, maintains the tightness of cell alignment, maintains the normal growth of connective tissue, bones and teeth in the body, and promotes the absorption of iron.

Amla powder is a natural astringent that not only regulates hair, but also regulates the skin. This powder-adjusted paste promotes hair blackening and gorgeous, reduces hair loss, stimulates hair roots, promotes hair growth, and prevents bifurcation and hair graying. When applied to skin care, it brightens skin and removes pimples and grime. 

I used Dabur Amla C, Indian gooseberry oil, I feel good, I felt a bit unique at first, and I got used to it later. Apply a little bit to the hair tip after each shampoo to prevent split ends. Some friends used to make hair masks, wiped them on the first night, washed them off the next morning, and the hair was very smooth. There is also an amla powder that can be blended with Henna powder, and the effect is deeper than the color of pure Henna alone.

Third, saponin, shikakai
or I heard that I can use shampoo to shampoo, but I have never seen natural saponin powder in China.
Saponin, Shikakai, is known as the “fruit of the hair” and is native to India, a dry and windy belt in Central Asia. The plant is special because the pod is rich in saponin. It contains a detergent that is considered mild in saponin.

Indians are used to using Shikaka as a shampoo and shower gel. They used Shikakai to grind it into powder or soak it in water for hair. Because it contains mild saponin and low Ph value, it is safe to clean the hair, will not damage the hair must have oil, and can promote hair growth. Shikaki is not only a cleanser, but a very good moisturizer and softener, as well as anti-dandruff. After washing your hair, it makes your hair more elastic and more energetic. It is not called the hair of the hair. By using Shikakai in the summer, you can keep your body cool and moist. It is also a natural astringent, and there is information that smoothing wrinkles can be achieved by using Shikaki water.

This time I also experienced the magic of shikakai shampoo. First adjust to a paste, then apply to the hair roots and hair, gently massage, wait 2-5 minutes, wash with water. After washing, I felt a little dry, but the next day was very good~~ After
about 2 weeks, the power of shikakai finally showed up. It was uncomfortable to wash my hair for 2 days. On the third day, my hair was very oily~~ Now, 3 days is still very fluffy and supple, not on the scalp. o(∩_∩)o… There is still a very critical problem, dandruff is gone~~ It’s not the result!

Fourth, Indigo, indigo, combined with Heina can produce black dye. It is one of the most used hair dye materials in foreign countries.

Bringhali (Eclipta alba): Eclipta grass, whole grass contains volatile oil, tannin, saponin, nicotine, vitamin A-like substance and lactone component, which has a black hair effect.

Sixth, Reetha, no problem, used for black hair, prevent hair loss.

I haven’t tried it in the back~~ I need further research.

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