Breast Sag, Firm Breast Exercise

Malnourished, tiny, and saggy breasts had always been an active cause of shame and weak personality development in many women across the world. However in reality small size is not something insurmountable. Modern world of science and technology is well equipped with numerous conventional as well as advanced techniques of augmenting bust size which include mammaplasty or surgical implantation, herbal therapy, massaging, and exercises.

Factors influencing sagginess

  • Gravitational force: Constant gravitational pull is one common reason working behind loose breasts. The skin and ligaments gradually lose their elasticity over time as a direct impact of gravity. As a result larger bosoms droop faster than smaller ones due to their heavy weight.
  • Loss of ligament: The structure and elasticity of ligaments and skin in the chest region varies from one person to another depending on their gene and diet. Due to loss of ligament some women experience sagginess earlier and quicker than others. It might also result in premature sagging due to loosing of Cooper’s ligament which play the major role in suspending or supporting the entire bustline
  • Menopause and Pregnancy: Female bust is a complicated milk producing apparatus. At some point in life this system becomes unessential and shrinks down. It happens especially after pregnancy if the mother never breastfeeds her baby or after menopause and weaning.
  • Hormonal problem: It has been medically approved that lack of estrogen is chiefly responsible for sagging. This condition becomes prominent especially after menopause or during pregnancy when the level of estrogen drops significantly in a female body.
  • Weight loss: Weight loss is another very common reason. The size, shape, and firmness of female busts depend to a large extent on the fat containing adipose tissues. Due to rapid weight loss, these tissues lack adequate fat, thereby creating an empty and loose appearance of the bustline.
  • Wrong bra: Most women across the world are less concerned about wearing the right bra. A habit of wearing a wrong bra which might be too loose, too tight or having a wrong cup size, might damage the shape and look of the bust line.

How to Revive Saggy Loose Breasts

  • Surgical Method: Mammaplasty is a widely known technique which involves artificial implantation of some foreign material above the pectoral muscle. Silicon gel or saline filled transplant material is often used for this purpose. However this surgical procedure has a number of harmful drawbacks such as permanent scarring, bleeding, infection, formation of cysts, etc.
  • Herbal Therapy: In order to avoid the risk and pain of surgical incision and also to get faster relief and quicker action, many women now-a-days prefer to go for herbal therapy. Numerous herbs like Pueraria Mirifica, Withinia Somnifera , Long PepperRed SandalwoodSesameAsparagus, etc. are some of the renowned natural bequests which are widely used in herbal supplements for toning up saggy loose breasts. These herbs effectively balance hormonal level as well as improve the nourishment and growth of mammary tissues. The most important reason behind the immense popularity of herbal medications is that they are completely safe, quick in action, and show wonderful impact.
  • Massage: Massage is risk-free and effective method for improving bustline. Regular massage help in draining out toxic wastes as well as augmenting blood circulation throughout bustline. It is a quite useful technique for improving the supply of essential nutrition to the tissues. Massage supports pectoral muscles, strengthens Cooper’s ligaments, and retrieves lost elasticity, thereby enhancing size and shape.
  • Firm Breast Exercise, Enlargement Exercise: Firm breast exercises quite useful as they are free of any side effects unlike artificial or synthetic medications or surgical methods. A few simple steps are to be followed on a daily schedule. Pec pressbutterfly presswall-ups, etc. are some preferred exercises which are proven to be very effective in firming and toning the shape of bustline.

Yoga is also extremely useful in this purpose. Stabdhasana, bhujangasana ushtasanadwikonasana, etc. are a few suggested names of yogas which are specially recommended for augmentation of female busts.

Recommended Herbal Supplements

Following Herbal Supplements are found to be immensely helpful in natural uplifting of bustline:

  • Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Breast Cream
  • Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Nano Breast Cream
  • Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Breast Serum
  • Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Nano Breast Serum
  • Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Breast Spray
  • Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Breast Enhancement Pills
  • Pueraria Mirifica Herbal Breast Mask

Herbal supplements for breast sagging:

  • These are formulated with eminent Thai herb Pueraria Mirifica which is enriched with phytoestrogens.
  • Phytoestrogens are “bioidentical” to estrogens and help in balancing hormonal level
  • Nanotechnology based cream and serum are formulated with a unique blend of Pueraria Mirificaand nanosomes
  • Nanosomes are extremely efficient in promoting instant augmentation of bustline from 1 to 3 cup sizes
  • Strengthens the pectoral muscles, supports connective tissues, and tightens the older tissues which promotes rapid uplifting of the saggy bustline
  • Strengthen elastin and collagen, thereby supporting elasticity and skin texture of bosoms
  • Growth of the glandular tissues are stimulated
  • The cleavage and shape of the bust contour is rejuvenated and enhanced
  • Completely safe to use and quick improvement is observed

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