Back Pain Treatment

One of the commonest yet mostly ignored ailments of present day is back pain which might be acute, recurrent or chronic. Around eighty percent of the entire US population suffers from this acute health problem. A typical back pain sufferer experiences intense pain which results in uneasiness in movements and sometimes inflexibility of the affected zones.

Causes of Back Pain

The chief influential factors playing a major role behind back pain include the followings:

  • Excessive tension or damage in the joints, lack of exercise, wrong diet, inadequate nutrition etc. are the primary reasons
  • Pain in the lower back is generally caused by strain that is generated by lifting or pulling heavy weights, twisting or bending of the joints.
  • Sitting on a chair for a longer duration, or maintaining such a posture at a workstation, a desk or in a car might result in acute back pain.
  • A few ailments like an infection, an ovarian cyst or rheumatic arthritis might also become active causes of back pain.
  • There are two types of acidic byproducts which are generated as a result of muscular contraction and these are namely lactic acid and pyruvic acid. And when these acidic byproducts concentrate in the respective muscular zones, it gives rise to pain and irritation which are sometimes worsened by the presence of dehydration.

Herbal Remedies for Back Pain Treatment

Herbal remedy is one of the widely cherished solutions for back pain treatment.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Arthcare oil penetrates and heals the affected muscles and tissues faster than anything else which results in quick and remarkable healing of back ache, muscular pain and stiffness.

Arthcare capsules being a unique combination of strong antioxidant and antirheumatic herbs efficiently promotes the betterment of the joint mobility and flexibility and suppresses aggravated vata which is mainly responsible for causing pain.

Arthcare Oil and Capsules :Arthcare oil and Arthcare capsules are reputed herbal solutions for several arthritic, muscular and bone, and tissue-related problems. They also strengthen skeletal, bone, and neuromuscular systems.

Shallaki (Boswellia serrata): This herbal extract has been found to be an effective solution for rheumatoid arthritis, chronic colitis, Crohn’s disease, some of which are closely related to the onset of acute cases of back pain.

Ashwagandha (Withania somniferum) : Ashwagandha is a reputed herbal remedy for a number of other diseases and physical complications. It is basically a root which belongs to Indian potato family. It is famous for its remedial properties in treating inflammations.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale: Physiological substances like prostaglandin or leukotrienes are found to be responsible for pain and inflammations. It has been established through several scientific studies that ginger contains an immensely powerful attribute in combating these substances, thereby reducing the chances of musculoskeletal pain successfully without any side effects.

Menthol and Camphor: Muscular stiffness is a common phenomenon observed in many instances of acute back pain. Menthol and camphor are the chemical components which have been found to be extremely helpful in evading such complications. This is the reason why these components are largely used in a wide range of over-the-counter pain-relief or backache medications.

Back Pain Diet and Other Tips for Lower Back Pain Relief

A few easy steps might relieve one from back ache, if followed carefully on a regular basis.

  • Since sitting posture in many professions of the modern world is responsible for heightening the risk of back pain, it is necessary to pay attention into this matter more seriously. If your profession demands sitting on a chair or maintaining such a posture for a considerable time throughout the day, it is essential to assure that your back is getting enough support in a correct and comfortable manner.
  • Wrong posture while lifting objects is also another factor which plays an important role behind back ache. Don’t bend your waist while lifting up heavy objects.
  • Substances like raw and cold salads, different types of beans etc. are well known as vata-enhancing food stuffs. Stay away from them. Also try to consume food items enriched with sufficient vitamin C, vitamin D, phosphorus and minerals.
  • Too much exhaustive exercise or extensive sexual activities while suffering with back pain are potentially harmful.
  • Exposure to cold weather or cold air and sleeping on a soft mattress are equally harmful in causing back pain. Therefore one must avoid such conditions in order to keep away from the irritation of backache.

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