Amla – Vitamin C Supplements

Amla, one of the most exhilarating natural resource found in the ayurvedic system of medicine, is also well-known as amalaki, dhatriphala, vayastha (in Sanskrit), and Indian gooseberry. Scientifically known as Phyllanthus emblica, these fruits are highly reputed for being the richest natural vitamin C source which is almost 20 times more than what you would get from an orange!

Since an ancient age the benefits of this herb have long been ascertained by the great Indian scholars and physicians. You could easily avail nature’s magnificent gift Amla in the form of vegetable capsules which are prepared from the extract of premium quality natural berries cultivated in the immaculate and primordial environment of green lush valleys in the Lesser Himalayan Range which has been regarded as the potential land for the cultivation of any herb from ancient ages.

Amla Dietary Supplement ( 60 Vegetable Capsules)

Serving size: 1 Vegicap
Servings per container: 60
Each 250 mg capsule contains: Amla fruit extract (Emblica officinalis)

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules two times a day after meal or or as directed by your health advisor.

Morpheme Amalaki is made from the best Amla fruit available. The product is most potent and it has very effective form of Amla Extract available in Vegetable capsules. 

Medicinal Utilities of Vitamin C Supplement

The powerful multifaceted therapeutic values of amla would help you in a number of ways:

  • A natural antiaging agent
  • Enhances assimilative power of your digestive system
  • An excellent antidote for hyperacidity and liver problems
  • Helps you to regulate blood sugar and serum cholesterol level
  • Improves teeth problems like scurvy and bleeding gum
  • Helps you in alleviating inflammatory eye disorders like conjunctivitis.
  • Increases the total RBC (red blood cell) count in your body

Benefits of Vitamin C

1) Excellent vitamin C supplement

Vitamin C is an immensely essential nutritional ingredient for human body. Unfortunately our body system is unable to synthesize natural vitamin C and could only store a limited amount of this vitamin. Therefore you need constant supply of fresh food stuffs containing vitamin C before our body depletes itself.

Amla being one of the richest sources of vitamin C fulfills your need perfectly. Vitamin C is an excellent water-soluble antioxidant that scavenges or quenches unstable malicious free radicals and reactive compounds. Radicals are formed due to various reactions in human body which result in premature aging and unnecessary cell generation in our body. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid reduces those radicals, thereby ceasing their activities in our body.

The ascorbic acid content in amla could effectively help you to stave off scurvy, an ailment with symptoms like seepage of blood from swollen gums often found in those patients who have a shortage of vitamin C. Regular intake of amla could efficiently restore the affected gums and overall alleviation of the disease.

The rich content of vitamin C in amla encourages the natural biosynthesis of the much needed collagen in our body. Collagen is an essential protein which is utilized as a building block of connective tissues throughout our body. It maintains the healthy formation of major components like skin, muscles, corneas, bone, and other bodily tissues. It is required to promote quicker recovery of joint tissues that often get damaged due to strenuous physical activity.

2) Improves Natural Digestive Capabilities

Amla is extremely efficient in enhancing the absorbing capabilities of our gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Many food components including proteins and various minerals such as iron are not easily digestible. People who have poor metabolism and digestive power often fail to absorb essential constituents from their regular diet and tend to gain excess weight.

Regular intake of amla would undoubtedly help you to restore the assimilative property of GI tract, thereby aiding you not to miss out those essential minerals and other food components during digestion. And it is an eminent fact that a stronger and healthier digestive system is the gateway to a better immunity.

Amla is also effective in cleaning out accumulated toxic chemicals from human body, thereby purifying blood and boosting up liver function. Inclusion of amla in your regular diet or medication is highly recommended in order to avert a number of diseases generated from liver dysfunction.

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